7 minutes 30 seconds
16:9 aspect ratio

Karez irrigation system in Tulufan, Xinjiang province, China.
A vast and ancient underground network of water channels feeds the town and fields, creating a lush oasis.
This water allows the native Uyghur people to grow crops (notably grapes).
The system involves hand-dug wells and underground channels designed to store the water and control the flow. Vertical well shafts dug at regular access points tap into the water flow from distant mountain springs.
Tulufan is located in the second deepest geographical depression in the world.
The climate is dry with temperatures ranging from -20c in the winter to +50c in the summer (it was +46c on the day this film was made!)

Camera : Sony HVR-A1 Pro Digital
Edit : Magix Movie Edit Pro 11+

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